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Theoretical Physics seems to fit with Near Death Experiences.

If all of us humans can be compared to an I.Q. high of a score do you expect a Creator Dad and Mom, composed of fundamental energy would score?
Christian Andreason:
"Who goes to Heaven?In the endbelieve it or not (sigh of relief) everyone gets to come home!  I know some people will have a hard time hearing this.  Especially those who believe that people who do evil deserve damnation.  But you must understand; Heaven does not think as we do.  Heaven is a place of ultimate LOVE!  They want nothing more than to see us healed and restored should we have been damaged by evil.  And to Heaven, those who are hurt by evil or even seen as Souls' who actually do it ... are all seen as individuals who are hurting in the worst wayand in need to repair.  Also, do you honestly think Jesus would have asked us to forgive, serve and Love one another without hesitationif Heaven does not do that as well?  Think about it."

"I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven.   And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;)   How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter. (II Corinthians 12:2-4)

No wonder the Apostle Paul was instructed to not tell just anybody about everything that he saw, probably during one of those times when he had been stoned or beaten to the place where he appeared to be dead?!

I actually do believe in evolution but I think that anybody who would dogmatically limit evolution to our four dimensional space time continuum lacks basic mathematical aptitude.

Back in the 1990's I read several articles on GUT and string theory. Later on I read Stephen Hawking's Universe. in his chapter The Anthropic Principle he speculated that perhaps there were an infinite number of unsuccessful universes out there somewhere in which was no life due to the fact that electromagnetism, gravity, weak and strong nuclear force were not properly tuned for life as we know it. It seems obvious to me that another possibility is that the first intelligent life form might be composed of energy. Probably a fundamental energy such as SuperForce or Super Energetic Matter which may be the common denominator for all four forces active in our fourth space time dimensional continuum.

13.72 billion years is roughly equal to ZERO time when compared with eternity. If fundamental energy would always have existed, as I assume Dr. Hawking seems to believe due to his suspicion of their having been an infinite number of unsuccessful universes and probably Big Bang + Grand Collapses, then if evolutionary theory could be expanded to have occurred within infinite time as opposed to limiting abiogenesis and evolution to abouit 4.5 billion years than you increase the probability of evolution being possible by essentially an infinite factor! I do believe in evolution occurring, but I suspect that perhaps 99% of evolution probably occurred before our Big Bang which was probably planned and choreographed by the Life Form/life forms that would probably be composed of fundamental energy.

Is evolution more probable to have occurred within 13 billion years or within eternity?

I must admit that these ideas about invisible higher space time dimensions sure does remind me of what many people who have a brush with death report.

His Guided Tour of the Earthbound Realm with Jesus
Then Jesus begins to take Ritchie on a journey through various realms of the afterlife. They fly toward a large city on Earth where they notice a group of assembly-line workers at work. They witnesses the spirit of a woman trying desperately to grab a cigarette from the workers who were oblivious to her presence. This woman had died severely addicted to cigarettes and was now cut off from the one thing she desperately desired most.
Ritchie realizes how the spirits in these realms immediately know the thoughts of other spirits around them. This is the reason they tend to group together with other spirits. It is too threatening to be around others who knew and disagreed with their thoughts.
Jesus leads Ritchie to a house somewhere on Earth where he is shown the spirit of a young man following his living family members around and begging them for forgiveness. But the family members are completely unaware of his presence. Jesus tells Ritchie the young man committed suicide and is "chained to every consequence of his act."....
e. His Observations of the Temple of Wisdom
They then travel to a completely different realm where some kind of enormous university is located. Spirits dressed as monks busily and happily engaged in some form of artistic behavior or research. An enormous library exists here where all the important books of the universe are assembled. Ritchie asks Jesus if this is heaven. These are the spirits of people who grew beyond selfish desires while on Earth; but, like the spirits in hell, these spirits cannot see Jesus either.

Here are some quotations on the basic ideas behind Grand Unified Theory and String Theory:
"It was not until 1920 that the idea of linking electromagnetism and
gravity resurfaced. At that time a new theory of gravitation had been proposed by Albert Einstein (1879-1955), called the general theory of relativity. It was a replacement of Newton's theory, which had stood unchallenged since 1687. Inspired by Einstein's work, a young German mathematician named Theodore Kaluza was seized by a curious idea. The theory of relativity links space an time together to form a four-dimensional space-time continuum. What would happen, mused Kaluza, if general relativity were formulated in five rather than four dimensions?
This is what Kaluza did, and to everyone's astonishment it was discovered that five-dimensional gravity obeys the same laws as
four-dimensional gravity as well as Maxwell's laws for the electromagnetic field. In other words, gravitation and electromagnetism are automatically unified in five dimensions, where electromagnetism is merely a component of gravity!"

The only drawback of the theory concerns the extra dimension.
don't we see it?
An ingenious answer was provided by Oskar Klein. A
hosepipe viewed from afar looks like a wiggly line, i.e. one- dimensional.
However, on closer inspection it can be seen as a narrow tube. It is, in fact,
two-dimensional, and what was taken to be a point on the line is actually a
little circle going around the tube. In the same way, reasoned Klein, what we normally regard as a point in three dimensional space could in reality be a little circle going around a fourth space dimension. Thus Kaluza's extra
dimension might well exist, but be impossible to detect because it is closed
(circular) and rolled up to a very small circumference.
In spite of
these bizarre overtones, it seems probable that in future a "theory of everything" will make use of the idea of unseen higher dimensions."

"Although nature manifests four distinct forces, physicists believe that
each may be part of a smaller number of more primitive forces. At high energy, the electromagnetic and weak forces appear to merge into a single "electroweak" force. Some "grand unified theories" suggest that a further amalgamation takes place between the electroweak and strong forces at as yet unattained energies. The most ambitious unification schemes envisage an amalgamation of all four forces into a single "superforce" at ultra-high levels of energy."

"The real burden in the next three centuries will not be the development of fancy mathematics, but the experimental testing of these ambitious theories. All current thinking about total unification assumes that the effects of linking all the forces and particles together will only become manifest at energies that are some trillion times greater than those currently attainable in particle accelerators. Probably we shall never reach such energies directly" ( A Theory of Everything" Volume 21 of "The World of Science)

I regard the traditional theory of evolution occurring here in the fourth dimension as astonishingly unlikely. On the other hand if Super Force or Super Energetic Matter by its very nature would always have exited, and if there at the minimum had to be a sufficient supply of this energy to form the material universe, then we would be talking about infinite time being the paradigm within which intelligent life could evolve in the truly fundamental space time dimension.

Dr. Hawking has been quoted as saying that "Super strings" somehow exist in ten or eleven space time dimensions simultaneously. He believes that it will take at least ten if not eleven space time dimensions to mathematically unify all four forces that essentially explain all phenomena in the observable universe. If this theory is at all accurate then perhaps God may have required a rather lengthy "time period" to INVENT planets, stars, the force of gravity, grass, trees, amoeba, squirrels, the human reproductive process, and whatever possible prototypes may have been experimented with previous to the creation of Adam and Eve that may well have been created only about six thousand years ago. If indeed there are ten or eleven space time dimensions and if all higher dimensions are invisible then is it possible that arch-angels such as Gabriel, Michael, Phanuel, Uriel or Raphael may well be beings who exist primarily in ninth dimensional space-time?

Dr. Chaim Tejman does an excellent job of explaining how Wave Theory relates to every phenomena that we observe on this earth.

"The prevalent and prevailing consensus points to four fundamental forces —
electromagnetism, gravitation, as well as strong and weak nuclear forces — but I
aver that there is only one force: energetic matter. The energetic matter
creates wave formations are expressed exclusively by the two principle behaviors
(forces) of pushing and pulling." (Dr. Chaim Tejman)

"The swirling and spinning motion creates circular formations. To finish
constructing the wave, the energetic matter must complete two semi-circular rounds. The figures are executed perpendicular to each other, and their energetic paths are in a state of superposition. The closed formation allows the energetic matter to move along closed energetic paths and maintain its energetic matter. It creates two internal swirls (vortices), which are neither identical nor symmetrical. In other words, the same type of energetic matter that moves along a common path that is shared by both swirls within a particular wave formation. Nevertheless, the swirls do not contain equal amounts of energy even in units with the same amount of space." (Dr. Chaim Tejman)

I personally agree with Dr. Tejman that Wave Theory explains a lot even about gender differences.

"Pulling and gravitation, which resemble basic feminine traits, are the dominant properties of the magnetic loop. Consequently, magnetic loops have a capacity for storing energy and act to maintain the structural integrity of the entire wave formation. The electronic/energetic loop consists of expanding properties that disperse energetic matter that “disappears” into space. This is synonymous with masculine characteristics." (Dr. Chaim Tejman)

Dr. Tejman does a fantastic job of explaining how the behavior of fundamental energy would almost certainly lead to life and thought processes.

"The essential matter from which our universe is created is energetic matter. It behaves like living matter, creating every known entity, including living objects and even thought (which occurs through energetic matter–wave interaction). The essential structure of energetic matter is high-energy (concentrated energetic matter) electro-magnetic waves (picture above). This simple structure is the basis of everything: every energetic formation and the universe. In picture 2, we see that the DNA (double helix) of all living formations has the same structure as waves: two loops of the same energetic matter, behaving according to the same rules." (Dr. Chaim Tejman)

Yes, Wave Theory can tell us a lot about how evolution probably occurred but surely we can see how theoretical physics may well fit perfectly with the millions of people report after a brush with death.
"How did we come into Spiritual existence?

"My guides showed me a time we call
the beginning of Creation. Just as I observed the formation of my own unique Spirit, later there was a huge explosion, coming from an amazing looking, singing, pulsing, Joy-filled ball of bright Golden-White Light! I knew that I had always been very much a part of this Great Light, as have the rest of us. From this Orb of Light exploding, I found myself happily and quite excitedly hurling through space and time arriving safely in a perfect place of peace and amazing splendor. I knew immediately that this place was geared toward the expansion and education of every Soul that came there. Today I call this space, "The Realm" and it is here that we are assisted by many wise beings and Elders while we are being helped to complete much training and soulish expansion. (Christian Andreason
, chapter 2 of his online book)
I believe that a Being and/or Beings of Light/YHWh evolved and indeed did probably design and create an Adam and Eve. On one level this may have occurred only six or so thousand years in the past. On the other hand I certainly would not rule out YHWH/ God experimenting with many human or nearly human life forms perhaps hundreds of thousands or even millions of years previous to the creation of Adam and Eve.
Traditional Darwinian evolutionary theory tends to limit the evolution of life to a basis in the fourth space time dimensional element carbon. I believe it is infinitely more likely for life to first evolve out of fundamental energy in infinite time previous to the Big Bang.
Do living forms almost naturally go through an evolutionary process?
Yes, and in my opinion nobody explains this subject better than Dr. Chaim Tejman.
"In this chapter, I will discuss biological, living beings in terms of chemistry and physics, since basic energetic matter creates everything. The existence of living objects entails many substances. The main components, however, of energetic waves and basic atoms are hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. This applies to other atoms, as well. Life is not an accidental event. Where methane, ethane, propane and other similar compounds are present, organic creations can easily be created without further assistance. Carbon atoms are plentiful in all energetic formations, even young galaxies. Hydrogen atoms were one of the first
creations, before other atoms, and are widespread in the universe. Where there are two main components such as hydrogen and carbon, chemical compounds, which are the basis of high-energy bonds, can be created." (Dr. Chaim Tejman)


  1. When I first ran into the negative NDE accounts they threw me into a major theological and philosophical crisis. How could a loving God allow a place like hell to actually exist?

    Now I have to admit that the negative NDE or out of the body experience or visionary accounts may have a logical basis in theoretical physics.

    If YHWH/God actually evolved over infinite time, then there may have been a time when all God had around Him/Her was Super Strings and Super Energetic Matter. If there are no other beings in the universe then it is difficult to altruistically worry about others, if there are no others.

    The thought has crossed my mind that some visions of hell may be people having their consciousness taken down to become somewhat like a living conscious electron microscope. Did Dr. Michael Yeager see and experience the off the scale energy and horror of tenth or eleventh dimensional space time where he perceived Super Strings as worms chasing him around and did his consciousness perceive the off the scale energy of the fundamental dimensions as heat that ripped his soul/higher dimensional body apart?!

    I have concluded that I should no longer consider the people who have warned me about hell to be completely off their rockers and ignorant even of scripture. At this time I suspect that these visions of hell could have a basis in theoretical physics!

    Please keep in mind that I personally believe that YHWH has a plan to save absolutely everybody eventually but we seem to be allowed essentially absolute freedom of choice. Selfishness is an extremely bad choice for us to make. The word for "forever" in Hebrew literally means until the end of conditions last. Selfishness is an attitude that we must conquer or the consequences could be far worse than we could possibly imagine.

  2. A VISION of HELL Gehenna - HADES - SHEOL. It is Eternal Torment!

    Dr. Michael Yeager, on the verge of suicide and with a knife to his wrist a fear hit him which he now recognizes as the fear of God. He dropped his knife and went to his knees and asked the Lord to forgive him of his sins and he gave his life to the Lord.

    He was immediately freed from all addictions and was given a desire to tell others about Jesus. What stuck out to me the most is that he said that selfishness is the beginning of being on the pathway to hell. He mentions things like being obsessed with TV watching, sports and anything else we love more than God, as very dangerous and can place us on the wrong path.

    One night when in prayer he received a vision of hell and the floor of his room opened up he kept falling down and down in a deep dark hole for miles and miles. It was very real and he could see, touch, smell, feel everything. Fear was filling his whole being.

    A wind was blowing from this hole that seemed to be bottomless and the odor was so strong it was sickening. By looking between his feet he could see a distant orange glow. As he approached this orange glow it became bigger and bigger and he then entered a cavern and he was over a huge area of what looked like lava sending flames hundreds of feet into the air. Earth shattering explosions could also be heard. He knew he was still about 10,000 feet above this burning sea and even at that distance the heat was almost too much to bear and it felt like his skin was actually burning off.

  3. The smell was so nauseating that it made him cough and gasp for air but there was none. His ears than began to be filled with a very eerie sound that sounded like humming. This sound was constant and got louder and louder as he approached the lava. God opened his understanding as to what the sound was. The sound was actually human beings screaming in unbelievable agony. He realized that God was showing him a vision of hell.

    At about 200 feet above this lake of lava, fire and brimstone, the pain got almost too much to bear. He then saw some objects bobbing up and down in this burning sea of what looked like lava. There were tens of thousands of these objects. These objects were actually human beings bobbing up and down and back and forth. These people were weeping and wailing in extreme agony.

    No relief from pain was available to them. Their bodies were burned black in this sea of fire and brimstone. Suddenly he plunged into the lava and it covered him and filled his eyes, nose throat, lungs etc. His eyes felt like they were being consumed out of their sockets and could barely breathe. He finds it difficult to explain the amount of pain he was experiencing. He also knew hell was eternal and no chance of getting out.

    He was shown that selfishness is the gateway to hell. Excruciating pain overtook him fully as he was submerged in this sea of fire and brimstone that looked like lava. As he was sucked down into this sea he was in total darkness with no light at all. He was suffocating and could not take a breath but yet he was not dying. When he returned to the surface he realized that he was till intact and his five senses were very much alive.

    There were other creatures in the sea of fire that looked like huge worms. They would come to the surface and then disappear and then return to the surface. About 20 feet from him he saw them coming to the surface and they were coming towards him. When they reached him they began boring into him and went inside his body and brain and were coming out of his eyes. They were driving him insane. (where the worm dieth not) There is no end to these things in hell. They are eternal. There is no place to go for any relief. There is no love there. It is totally void of love. An emptiness beyond comprehension enveloped him.

    Although there were many, many others there, there were no communications whatsoever. Your memory is also there still with you and you can remember everything that went on in your life, including each time the Gospel was presented to you and you refused.

    He then was gripped with an intense thirst. There was no way to quench this thirst. (rich man and Lazarus) If the message of the Gospel is rejected you will be forever tormented in hell like the Bible so clearly says. The voice of God then echoed across the sea of fire and brimstone and lava telling hell to release him and he was returned back to his room.

  4. I go much deeper into some possibly encouraging aspects of this subject here at this message.

    Scientific explanation for hell, from Dennis Tate. Re: Update from Sid Roth.

    "Hell refers to levels of negative thought-forms
    that reside in close proximity to the earth realm. It
    is where we go to work out, or remain within, our
    hang-ups, addictions, fears, guilt, angers, rage,
    regrets, self-pity, arrogance, or whatever else
    blocks us from the power of our own light." (Dr. PMH Atwater)

    "Hell is a level of consciousness which can
    be experienced in or out of the body." (Arthur Yensen

  5. No wonder so many Christians who have studied their Jewish roots have given up on Christianity and embraced Judaism!

    This quotation from a Chassidic Jewish article is incredibly encouraging and I believe fits perfectly with the implication of String Theory that multiple histories of what we know of as time are theoretically possible!

    "As a faithful shepherd he already cares so much
    about his people that he volunteered to suffer all
    kinds of agonies to assure that not a single Jew of
    all times will be lost." (Rabbi Jacob Immanuel Schochet, The Personality of Mashiach)

  6. This article is relevant to this discussion.

    Why Are You Here? A New Theory May Hold the Missing Piece by Dr. Robert Lanza M.D.

  7. I now understand a little better Rabbi Israel Dov Odessers controversial formal oath that he was willing to give up any and all of his possessions for any(one) even the last of the last to have a fleeting moment of repentence.

    1. Thank you for this comment Anonymous!

      Obviously you are well aware of the astonishing vow made by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov?

      In April 1810, Rebbe Nachman called two of his closest disciples, Rabbi Aharon of Breslov and Rabbi Naftali of Nemirov, to act as witnesses for an unprecedented vow:

      "If someone comes to my grave, gives a coin to charity, and says these ten Psalms [the Tikkun HaKlali], I will pull him out from the depths of Gehinnom!" (Rabbi Nachman's Wisdom #141). "It makes no difference what he did until that day, but from that day on, he must take upon himself not to return to his foolish ways".[16]

      This vow spurred many followers to undertake the trip to Rebbe Nachman's grave, even during the Communist crackdown."

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  9. Thank you for sharing this article with me, although there may be some evidence for this argument

  10. Thank you immensely for the link to the film Maxwell. I am at the 12 minute mark and I absolutely love this. Hilarious!